Two new cases of coronavirus in the UAE: Health ministry

Nurses walk inside a quarantine room for coronavirus patients at building A2 of the Shanghai Public Clinical Center, in Shanghai, China February 17, 2020. (Reuters)

Two new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UAE, the health ministry said on Friday.

One of the two patients, 34, is from the Philippines, and the other, 39, is from Bangladesh. Both are in a stable health condition.

Three other patients in the UAE recovered last week, according to the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention.  

Dr. Fatima al-Attar, Head of International Health Regulations at the Ministry, said that the individuals diagnosed with coronavirus are receiving proper healthcare under leading World Health Organization standards, with each case being individually monitored until full recovery is achieved.

Last Update: 14:39 KSA 17:39 - GMT 14:39