UAE records total of 570 coronavirus cases and three deaths

Women leave a supermarket, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 26, 2020. (Reuters)

The United Arab Emirates reported on Sunday 102 new coronavirus cases and one new death, with the total number of cases in the country up to 570, according to the health ministry.

The new fatality is a 47-year-old Arab woman who suffered from several chronic diseases which led to complications after she was infected, eventually leading to her death.

This brings the total number of coronavirus deaths in the UAE up to three.

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The ministry said the new cases were detected through testing people who came into contact with previously infected people, and who did not adhere to the preventative measure and required physical distance, as well as cases related to travel abroad.
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The new cases belonged to people from the following nationalities: one from New Zealand, Slovakia, Morocco, Greece, China, France, Germany, Algeria, Iraq, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, two people from Brazil, Sweden, Australia, Ethiopia, Canada, Lebanon, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Portugal, three cases from Italy and Ireland, six people from Egypt, seven people from the UAE and the Philippines, sixteen people from Britain and thirty people from India.

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