Egyptian Salafist criticizes Cairo’s stand with Russia amid Syria crisis

Yasser Hussein Burhami deputy leader of al-Daawa. (Reuters)

An Egyptian Salafist preacher criticized the Egyptian stance with Russia, who he says supplies arms to the Syrian regime.

Yasser Hussein Burhami deputy leader of al-Daawa expressed his opinion during “The dangers of the Shiite expansion” conference, in Shoubra, Cairo.

In the session, Burhami asked why Egypt had changed its position and announced its support for Russia– favoring a political solution based on a Geneva agreement – despite the fact that it provides the Syrian regime with weapons.

According to the state owned Al-Ahram newspaper, Burhami also attacked the Shiite sect and denounced a statement made earlier by the Iranian vice president about the future of Salafists in Egypt.

The Egyptian newspaper quoted Burhimi saying “They [Shiite] have doctrine basis different than Sunnis, note that the essence of the Iranian project is to eradicate the Sunnis in a stage, and terrorism on another stage.”

In April , Egyptian Sheikh Sharif al-Hawari, a member of the Salafi Daawa board said Shiites are accomplices in “destroying” the Syrian people and that they are behind what is happening in Bahrain and some Gulf countries.

“We are certain that the Shiites will fail [to control us] just like they failed before.”

Last Update: Sunday, 12 May 2013 KSA 01:34 - GMT 22:34

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Egyptian Salafist criticizes Cairo’s stand with Russia amid Syria crisis
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