Iraqis mourn two Shiite fighters killed in Syria

Members of a Syrian Jihadist group train. (AFP)

Hundreds of Iraqis in a southern city have attended the funeral of two Shiite fighters killed in Syria.

In Basra, mourners on Friday carried the coffin of Mohammed Aboud, who they say was killed by a sniper fire near the shrine of Sayida Zeinab outside the capital of Damascus five days before.

The coffin of the other slain fighter, Hassan Ali, was rushed to Baghdad at the start of the funeral. Relatives said both bodies were transported from Syria via Iran before being returned to Iraq.

For months Iraqi Shiite fighters have trickled into Syria, where mostly Sunni rebels are fighting a regime dominated by a Shiite offshoot sect. Their relatives say they are drawn by a sense of religious duty to protect the Sayida Zeinab shrine.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:40 - GMT 06:40