Bahrain arrests 9 Shiites for ‘planning prison break’

Bahrain arrests 9 allegedly planning to facilitate a prison break. (File Photo: AFP)

Bahrain announced on Tuesday the arrest of nine Shiites it said are linked to Iran and that were planning to attack a prison to facilitate a jail break.

The interior ministry said arms, ammunition and a plan for attacking the prison were seized.

Those arrested belong to a group called Jaish al-Imam (Army of the Imam), who were planning to carry out attacks on key installations in the country, the ministry said.

This “terrorist cell,” which the ministry said had links to Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, was busted in February. Eight of its members were said to have received weapons and explosives training and were financed from abroad.

Last Update: Wednesday, 26 June 2013 KSA 00:53 - GMT 21:53

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Bahrain arrests 9 Shiites for ‘planning prison break’
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