Video: Mursi supporters and opponents clash in Alexandria

Supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi clashed on the streets of Alexandria on Tuesday (July 2) throwing rocks and glass at each other.

Egypt's army has plans to push Mursi aside and suspend the constitution after an all but impossible ultimatum it has given the Islamist president expires in less than 24 hours, military sources told Reuters on Tuesday.

Condemning a coup against their first freely elected leader, tens of thousands of Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets, clashing with opponents in several towns, including Alexandria. But they appeared to be dwarfed by anti-government protesters who turned out in their hundreds of thousands across the nation.

Mursi defied a demand by the armed forces chief on Monday (July 1) that he agreed to share power with his opponents within 48 hours or have the generals take charge. Calling the army statement misleading and divisive, he said he would stick to his own plan.

Supporters of Mursi say the demands are undemocratic and argue that any change should be done through the ballot.

“Forty-eight hours and he shouldn't be even talking as he's part of the presidency. Look, you can kill us but what is most important to us is legitimacy. We will not back down, we are not afraid. We have brought our children with us, we will ready to die,” one Muslim brotherhood supporter, demonstrating in Alexandria, said.

Military sources told Reuters that, assuming the politicians failed to end a year of deadlock under Mursi before Wednesday's 5 p.m. (1500 GMT) deadline, the generals had their own draft program ready to implement - though it could be fine-tuned in consultation with willing political parties.

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