Egypt’s PM says won’t rule out Brotherhood role in new cabinet

Interim Premier Hazem al-Beblawi struggles to for a new government. (File Photo: AFP)

The Egyptian premier said that he would not rule out positions for the Muslim Brotherhood in the new government.

“I don’t look at political association... If someone is named from [the Brotherhood’s] Freedom and Justice Party, if he is qualified for the post, he may be considered,” Hazem al-Beblawi – who appointed on Tuesday – told AFP. “I’m taking two criteria for the next government. Efficiency and credibility.”

“So far I haven't approached anyone,” the PM said, adding he wanted to decide on the best candidates before asking them to join the cabinet.

“I haven’t talked to anyone because I want to have a clear idea of who I want to compose the government.”

The country’s new leadership was looking to accelerate efforts to form a new cabinet on Thursday as authorities sought to arrest Islamist leader Mohammed Badie, who is supporting ousted President Mohammed Mursi.

The Muslim Brother – from which Mursi hails – turned down Beblawi’s offer to take part in the new government, and called for a mass rally on Friday against what it said was a “bloody military coup.”

The army earlier this month ousted Mursi and dissolved the Islamist-drafted constitution after the country saw millions take to the streets and demand that the president resign.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:41 - GMT 06:41