UAE begins trial of 30 suspected Muslim Brotherhood members

UAE’s Supreme Union Court in Abu Dhabi ties 30 suspected Muslim Brotherhood members. (Al Arabiya)

The UAE’s Supreme Union Court on Tuesday began the trial of 20 Egyptian nationals and 10 Emiratis on charges of forming an illegal cell of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Twenty four of the defendants attended the trial with their families, legal representatives and the media. The remaining six defendants, all Egyptian nationals, were believed to have fled the UAE.

They were accused of “forming and managing a branch for ... the international organization of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, without a permit.”

Some of them were also accused of leaking confidential stat information and others of unlawful fund raising through donations, Zakat (Islamic alms), and membership fees to support” the Muslim Brotherhood.

“You are in safe hands and justice will be achieved for you or against you,” the judge addressed the defendants at the start of the trial.

The judge appointed a medical committee to perform check-ups on some defendants. He then adjourned the proceedings until Nov.12 for the lawyers to bring in witnesses.



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