Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood behind terror attempts

Egypt's Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim (C) gets into his car after attending the funerals of policemen killed during clashes in Cairo, Aug. 15, 2013. (Reuters)

Egypt’s interior minister accused the Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday of masterminding a series of terrorist attacks that targeted the country security forces, in the first direct government accusation against the country’s most powerful political movement.

“The Muslim Brotherhood, with the support and funding from the international Muslim Brotherhood organization, has mobilized extremist terrorist elements, including ones from al-Qaeda organization and the Gaza Strip, to carry out a series of terrorist attacks following the 30 June revolution,” Egyptian Mohamed Ibrahim told reporters in Cairo.

He said security forces have foiled several terrorist attempts, noting that one of the “terrorist cells” dismantled took part in the Rabaa and Ennahda sit-ins supporting ousted Islamist President Mohammad Mursi, Al Ahram Online reported.

He said the capture of Nabil Mohammad Abdelmageed al-Maghrabi, a suspected militant, led to the the detention of 39 other Jihadist “elements.

He said Maghrabi was released from prison during the rule of President Mursi, who administration worked to sabotage the interior ministry’s surveillance systems, according to Ibrahim.

He said that after Mursi’s ouster Maghrabi targeted the armed forces and Christian communities and places of worship.

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