Yemeni officers killed in hit-and-run attacks

A soldier stands at a military cemetery where victims of the attack on the Defence Ministry compound will be buried in Sanaa December 8, 2013. (Reuters)

Two Yemeni officers were killed Sunday in separate attacks targeting members of the security forces across the country, a security official and the defense ministry news website said.

In the first attack, unknown gunmen travelling in a car shot dead the security chief of a presidential palace in Yemen's second-largest city Taez, the official said.

The officer was killed on the road as he was heading to work, the official said, without giving further details.

Meanwhile in the southern Bayda province, deputy police chief Abdullah Mohammed was killed in an "ambush by armed men," the defense ministry's website said.

Members of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are usually blamed for hit-and-run strikes on military personnel and officials that have intensified across the country.

The network rarely claims responsibility for such attacks but has announced it was behind a brazen daylight assault on the Yemeni defense ministry that killed 56 people on Thursday.

AQAP took advantage of a decline in central government control during Yemen's 2011 uprising to seize large swathes of territory across the south.

The militants were driven back in June 2012 and the group has since been further weakened by U.S. drone strikes.

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