Body parts of six-year-old girl retrieved from well in Saudi Arabia

Rescue workers at the well where Lama al-Rougi fell in the desert near Tabuk. (File photo: Reuters)

Body parts of a six-year old who died after falling into an abandoned well were retrieved by Civil Defense forces in Tabuk on Monday, Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defense confirmed in an official tweet.

Officials sent her remains to forensics experts and continued their search for the rest of the body parts, Col. Mamdouh al-Anazi confirmed to the newspaper.

Lama al-Rougi died some time after falling into the well on Dec. 20.

The failure of emergency services to rescue to her sparked controversy that spread across mainstream and social media, stirred by criticism by the victim’s father who claimed that the rescue team did not use high-tech equipment, stated Arab News.

In response to the accusations, Civil Defense Director Maj. Gen. Mastour al-Harithy, said that 216 officers were immediately deployed to help with rescue operations, aided by other professionals, added the newspaper.

An Islamic scholar had issued a fatwa stating that the well can be considered a grave for the girl, but her family insisted on the extraction because “the well… is located in a valley in a government land, which is subjected to rains and floods that may exhume the body with time," her uncle told al-Hayat newspaper on Monday.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:42 - GMT 06:42