Iraqi parliament postpones key session to Aug. 12

Iraqi MPs, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki (C), supreme court chief Midhat al-Mahmoud (3ndR) and Kirkuk provincial Governor Najm al-Din Karim (2ndR) take an oath during the first session of the new parliament on July 1, 2014 in the capital Baghdad. (AFP)

Iraq’s newly elected parliament has postponed its next session that had been slated for Tuesday until August 12 due to lack of agreement on the post of speaker.

“Following our consultations with concerned parties, it has been agreed to invite members of the parliament to meet and complete the first session of the parliament on Aug. 12,” the parliament said in a statement.

Parliament met last Tuesday for the first time since its election in April and had planned to meet again this Tuesday to elect the parliament speaker and two deputies.

The office of acting parliamentary speaker Mehdi al-Hafidh confirmed the session had been postponed but did not give further details. He said parliament would soon issue a statement.

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