Yemen’s Houthi rebels give president ultimatum

Students hold banners to demonstrate against the deployment of armed Houthi gunmen, at Sanaa University campus in Sanaa October 29, 2014. (Reuters)

Yemen’s Shiite rebels, who are in control of the capital, are giving the president 10 days to form a government, hinting at a takeover attempt if their demands are not met.

The Shiite group, also known as Houthis, on Friday rallied some 30,000 tribal leaders in Sanaa, where they delivered a communique warning President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi that “all options are open” if he failed to form a government.

“Our next meeting will be at the headquarters of the decision making,” said Deif Allah Rassam, spokesman of the so-called Popular Tribal Alliance. A second speaker at the rally, Naguib al-Mansouri, called for the formation of a “salvation military council.”

The government formation is part of U.N. deal to reach a peaceful settlement to Yemen’s political crisis.

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