Egypt's Brotherhood supports call for Islamists’ protests

The Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie prays with other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood behind bars during their trial. (File photo: Reuters)

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood announced its support for protests calling for the preservation of the country’s “Islamic Identity,” according to statements posted on the group’s social media outlets.

The Salafist Front had initially called for country-wide protests on Nov.28 labelling them a “Muslim youth uprising” that would “impose Islamic identity without disguise,” Egypt’s al-Ahram Online reported.

“Muslim Brotherhood praises the Nov. 28 protests, rejects violence & supports all voices speaking up against injustice & calling for freedom,” the group posted through its official English-language Twitter account.

“The Egyptian people will not accept a war on its [Egypt’s ‘Islamic identity’] sanctity, nor the destruction of its mosques, killing of its youth..” a tweet on their Arabic account said.

“The Brotherhood treasures the call for the Nov.28 protests to preserve the nation’s identity for which the Egyptian people fought for,” another tweet in Arabic said.

Like the Brotherhood, the Salafist Front demands that ousted president Mohamed Mursi be reinstated.

The call for the Nov.28 protests marks the first time the coalition of ultra-conservative islamists act unilaterally and independently of the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, Ahram Online reported.

The NASL is banned in Egypt following a court order two months ago, while the Brotherhood was designated a terrorist organization last December.
Many of its leaders, members and supporters have been arrested and face charges related to terrorism or illegal protests.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:45 - GMT 06:45