Houthis threaten to form new Yemeni govt

Followers of the Houthi movement shout slogans during a gathering to show support to the movement, outside the Presidential Palace in Sanaa Febr. 4, 2015. (Reuters)

Houthi rebels said Wednesday they will begin forming a new Yemeni government after the country’s political parties failed to meet a three-day deadline set by the Shiite militia to resolve the power vacuum, Al Arabiya News channel reported.

The rebels urged the parties “to reach a solution and fill the vacuum,” saying that otherwise the “revolutionary leadership” would “take care of the situation of the state.”

The deadline was set in a statement issued Sunday at the end of a three-day meeting in Sanaa attended by the party of ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh but boycotted by the other major political movements.

The Houthis, who overran Sanaa in September, seized the presidential palace and key government buildings on Jan. 20.

That plunged the country deeper into crisis and prompting President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi and his premier to tender their resignations.

Opponents have staged demonstrations against the Houthis in several cities under the slogan: “Revolt until the overthrow of the coup” forces.






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