Border villages unaffected by Houthi terror, residents say

People flee Sanaa with their belongings fearing renewed air strikes March 28, 2015. (Reuters)

The villagers at the southern borders said their lives are stable and active and has been completely unaffected by the war and instability in Yemen.

Sheikh Ahmad Ali Al-Jubaily, the Sheikh of Al-Jubaily Tribe and Al-Eraishi Tribe, said the southern cities are living in full security protected by the security officers roaming their streets.

“We did not suspend our usual activities, the essential ones such as our jobs and schools and our trivial ones such as ours social gatherings and recreational outings, for the temperamental instabilities of Yemen. Our shopping centers and commercial institutions are all up and running as usual,” said Al-Jubaily.

He added they would be gathering outdoors and a military aircraft would fly over them.

“We wouldn’t react to it as we know it belongs to our forces and not the enemy’s. We trust our military and know that it would prioritize the citizens if danger was near,” said Al-Jubaily.

Ahmad Hadadi, a villager, said the villagers themselves take it upon their shoulders to protect their land and villages.

“We are used to external crimes intruding into our territory. As we are on the borders, even when there isn’t any war, we still fend off smugglers and criminals seeking refuge from the other side of the border. We are our own army and that is why we feel safe. We know we have ourselves and families to protect us,” said Hadadi.

Abdullah Hazazi, a villager, assured that the villagers of the southern borders are living in complete serenity.

“Despite the instabilities in Yemen, which lie only a few kilometers away, we let our children play outside and our women go out shopping and attending social occasions. The war is only kilometers away from us but we are not involved in it and it doesn’t affect us,” said Hazazi.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:44 - GMT 06:44