Dozens killed as Yemen tribes clash with Houthis

Yemeni armed members of a local armed resistance group, supporting President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, gather in the streets of Dar Saad district at the northern entrance to the city of Aden in preparation to face Huthi fighters, on March 27, 2015. (File: AFP)

Dozens were killed during clashes between Yemeni tribal fighters and Houthi rebels near the oil-producing Asailan area in the southern governorate of Shabwa, Al Arabiya News Channel reported citing local sources.

Fighting erupted when tribal fighters attacked a Houthi-held area near Asailan.

Almost thirty were killed among the Houthis and their loyalists during confrontations which also killed eight members of the tribes, a security source told Al Arabiya.

The area was held by members of the Houthi militia and loyalists to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

These developments come as a Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen enters its fifth day.

Saudi Arabia, along with nine other states, has conducted a series of airstrikes targeting areas held by the Houthis.

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