Nine-year-old Palestinian boy's detention in Israel raised at U.N.

Two Palestinian children cover their faces and wear head banners with Arabic writing reads " Qassam brigades" flash the victory sign during a celebration for the cease-fire in Gaza City, Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

The United Nations was petitioned by the Palestinian Authority after a nine-year-old boy from East Jerusalem was arrested by Israeli police last week, reported Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Monday.

The U.N. Security Council was informed that the minor, detained for more than eight hours, was accused by Israeli police of pelting a bus with rocks. The boy and his older 12-year-old brother were taken into custody and their parents were not allowed to see their nine-year-old boy while in detention.

The boys’ family, who live in the Wadi Joz neighborhood confirmed that the younger boy, named by the press as A.Z., was not six-and-a-half as was earlier reported, but was in fact nine-years-old and they were denied access to the boys during their detention.

In a report to the United Nations Security Council by Palestinian ambassador Riyad Mansour, the plight of the Palestinian boys was further exasperated by claims that they were denied food or water and were questioned for hours without their parents being informed of their plight.

Ambassador Mansour further added in the open letter that the arrest of a child under the age of 12 is illegal and violates international law and the laws of the Israeli state. By law a child under the age of 12, cannot be arrested or detained as they are not of the age of criminal responsibility.

Israel claims that boys were arrested as a result of them throwing stones at a bus. Israeli police stated that the children were “immediately removed from the area to prevent a further disturbance of the peace.”

Ambassador Mansour’s open letter to the international community highlighted a long list of Israeli’ acts against Palestinian children and he pleaded with the international community to intervene by providing help and protection for the Palestinian people, in particular the vulnerable youth.

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