Clashes between Kurds and Iranian forces after suicide

According to social media accounts, protestors gathered after a woman killed herself because a government official had tried to rape her. (Photo courtesy:

Clashes erupted between Kurds and Iranian security forces on Thursday in Iran’s city of Mahabad where a woman is said to have committed suicide after a man tried to rape her, Al Arabiya reported.

Security forces were deployed to deal with the angry crowds who had gathered to protest against what one source said was Tehran’s discriminatory treatment of its Kurdish population.

According to posts on social media, hotel employee Frinaz Khasarwani committed suicide after a ministry of tourism official tried to sexually assault her, reportedly in collaboration with the hotel’s manager who was trying to get a five-star listing from the ministry.

However, what has been posted on social media is a “weak narration” of the incident, Kurdish news website Rudaw reported citing a resident in the area who called upon the crowds to give authorities enough time to carry out its investigation.

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