U.N. envoy to Yemen urges respect for humanitarian truce

Ismail Weld al-Sheikh, new U.N. special envoy to Yemen, center, arrives at the international airport in Sanaa, Yemen, Tuesday, May 12, 2015. (AP)

The United Nations envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed wrapped up his first visit to the conflict-hit country Thursday with a plea to warring parties to respect a humanitarian pause.

The Mauritanian diplomat said in a statement he was "very worried about violations of the truce", urging all sides to "strictly respect a cessation of military operations... to allow the flow of aid".

The UN envoy, who was appointed late last month following the resignation of his predecessor Jamal Benomar, insisted that airports, ports and other infrastructure be spared from violence to protect aid deliveries.

His appeal came as Saudi-led forces accused Shiite rebels of violating the ceasefire that took effect on Tuesday but said they will abide by the five-day humanitarian truce during which they would halt air strikes.

The envoy arrived Tuesday to Yemen on his first trip since his appointment.

He said that during his visit to Sanaa he met representatives of political parties and civil society delegates, adding that he will pursue dialogue with other Yemeni and regional forces in a bid to resume peace talks in the impoverished country.


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