UK PM: Nuke deal does not mean aligning with Iran

The landmark nuclear deal with Iran does not represent an alignment with the Islamic republic, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday with an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya News Channel.

“Let me be clear, by signing this deal Britain is not aligning with Iran,” said Cameron.

“This deal is all about keeping Iran away from nuclear weapon and this deal is so much better the alternative. To me no deal would have meant Iran with a nuclear weapon,” he added.

Cameron said that his government remains “tough” on Tehran’s “support for terrorism” and “destabilization of other countries,” - including the Islamic republic's support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

“We stand with our important Gulf allies in those views.”

He also added that the landmark accord - the final stages of which were hammered out in a Vienna hotel earlier this month - would stop the Middle East spiralling into an “arms race.”

“We have taken Iran away from nuclear weapon but of course it is acceptable to develop civil nuclear energy,” said Cameron, referring to Tehran’s long-held claim that its nuclear program is peaceful. “We can have other countries with civil nuclear energy but staying away from nuclear weapons. This is in line with the non-proliferation treaty.”

Britain and the U.S. have been keen to ease the concerns of their Gulf allies, who are worried that the deal will result in Iran gaining more power.

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