Saudi-led strikes target Houthis at air base in Sanaa

File photo of Al-Dailami air base targetted in a March 30 strike by coalition forces. (Al Arabiya News)

The Saudi-led coalition has targeted the al-Dailami air base and destroyed its arms warehouses on Wednesday north of the Yemeni capital and close to Sanaa’s airport.

Eye witnesses said explosions rocked Sanaa at dawn as smoke billowed, indicating that the arms warehouse seized by Houthi militias had been targeted.

This strike comes after dozens of Houthi militias were killed on Tuesday after a Scud missile went off while it was being launched from the air base.

The coalition has also intensified its raids on Houthi position in the governorate of Marib and used Apache helicopters for surveillance purposes in a bit to resume its campaign of forcing out the militias from the governorate.

Last Update: 06:48 KSA 09:48 - GMT 06:48