U.S., allies conduct 26 strikes against ISIS

Smoke rises from the site of U.S.-led air strikes against ISIS in the town of Sinjar, November 12, 2015. (Reuters)

The United States and its allies conducted 26 strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria on Saturday, the coalition leading the operations said in a statement on Sunday.

In Syria, one strike struck near Manbij, hitting an ISIS tactical unit and destroying four ISIS buildings and a vehicle, the Combined Joint Task Force said on Sunday.

The coalition also struck targets near Deir al Zor, Ayn Isa, and Washiyah.

The coalition said it used fighter, attack, bomber, and remotely piloted aircraft against ISIS targets in the region.

In Iraq, near Ramadi, seven strikes struck an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed three tactical vehicles, two ISIS vehicles, a vehicle borne improvised explosive device, and three ISIS buildings, two heavy machine gun positions, an ISIS fighting position, an ISIS staging location, suppressed a vehicle borne improvised explosive device, damaged a staging location, and denied ISIS access to terrain.

Other strikes struck near Fallujah, Kirkuk, Kisik, Mosul, Qayyarah, Sinjar, Sultan Abdallah, and Tal Afar, the statement said.

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