Israel minister warns of 'dangerous' Iran deal implementation

Israeli naval officer stand next to dozens of rockets on display after being seized from the Panama-flagged KLOS C civilian cargo ship that Israel intercepted last Wednesday off the coast of Sudan, at a military port in the Red Sea city of Eilat, southern Israel, Monday, March 10, 2014. (AP)

An Israel minister warned Saturday that the expected implementation of a landmark nuclear deal between world powers and Iran would endanger the Middle East and fail to curb Tehran's atomic programme.

"The 'implementation day' of the nuclear agreement ushers us into a new and dangerous era, in which Iran is freed from most of its economic sanctions, without having to quit its nuclear programme or provide explanations for its military activities," Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan said in a statement.

Erdan, who is also public security minister, said Iran continued to "supply arms to terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas" while interfering in the internal affairs of Gulf States and violating a U.N. Security Council prohibition on "developing ballistic missiles".

"This is a difficult day for all the states in the region that hoped Iran wouldn't be able to obtain nuclear arms and would cease to meddle in the region," said Erdan, who is close to premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

Iran and world powers led by the United States are awaiting an announcement from the UN's atomic watchdog confirming that Tehran has complied with measures stipulated in the momentous 2015 nuclear deal in return for a lifting of economic sanctions.

Israel, the Middle East's sole but undeclared nuclear power, tried to prevent the accord, arguing it would not stop Tehran from developing an atomic weapon if it wished.

Iran has always denied seeking a nuclear bomb.

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