'North Thunder' drill readies region: Asiri

A spokesman for the Saudi defense ministry said Monday that “North Thunder” - a military exercise which kicked off in the kingdom last month - promoted the exchange of military expertise between the 21 participating countries.

Speaking at a press conference in Hafr Al-Batin where the drill is taking place, Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri explained that 20 Arab and Islamic countries were taking part in a number of tasks, including exercises aimed at encouraging cooperation between the various forces.

He added that the training also included exercises on how to combat guerrilla warfare, noting that the tactic is used by armed militias intervening in Arab states, such as Syria and Yemen. He said the military exercise would end on Thursday.

Asiri said the alliance brought together Arab and Islamic forces to gain experience and they would be prepared to protect the region’s stability if needed.


Last Update: Monday, 07 March 2016 KSA 22:03 - GMT 19:03