Houthis violate truce on Saudi border

Pro-government army soldiers walk on a road in Fardhat Nahm area, which has recently been taken by the army from the Houthis, around 60km (40 miles) from Sanaa. (File photo: Reuters)

Iran-backed Houthi militias group has violated a truce on the Saudi border after rockets fired from Yemen fell into the kingdom’s southern province of al-Tawal province, Al Arabiya News Channel reported on Thursday.

The rockets, which were fired Wednesday, killed a Saudi civilian and wounded three others including a woman, Al Arabiya News Channel correspondent reported, adding that they were transferred to a hospital.

The news comes after Arab coalition forces said earlier on Wednesday that tribal figures in Yemen have sought to create a “state of calm” on the border with Saudi Arabia to allow medical and aid materials to be sent to in Yemeni villages.


Meanwhile, the Arab Coalition forces has renewed its strikes on Houthi targets in the capital Sanaa after it halted its raids for more than one week.

Blasts also rocked south of Sanaa after strikes targeted Al-Haffa military camp of the Houthis.

The coalition launched strikes against Houthi militia in Yemen to restore the internationally-recognized government of President Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi a year ago.

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