Shelling from Yemen hits Saudi border village

In this April 20, 2015 file photo, Saudi soldiers fire artillery toward three armed vehicles approaching the Saudi border with Yemen in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. (AP)

Shells continued to fall from the Yemeni side into a southwestern neighboring Saudi areas on Friday, causing no injuries but material damages to a mosque and homes, violating an agreed respite.

Last week, Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s Houthi militia group agreed to a border “calm” and prisoner swap.

Shelling hit Al-Rouha and Al-Rokouba neighborhoods in Samtah, a town in the southwestern province of Jazan, including one of its mosques during Friday prayers but no casualties were reported.

However, houses close to the mosque incurred material losses.

On Thursday, the White House welcomed a pledge from a Saudi-led coalition to wind down the air war in Yemen.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest welcomed a coalition statement that the year-old campaign against Iran-backed Houthi militias was nearing the “end of the major combat phase.”

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