Hezbollah vows to keeping fighting on in Syria

Lebanon's Hezbollah al-Mahdi girl scouts carry pictures of Ali Fayyad, one of Hezbollah's senior commanders who was killed fighting alongside Syrian army forces in Syria. (File photo: Reuters)

Syria’s peace talks hit a fresh impasse over President Bashar al-Assad Monday, as the head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah vowed his Shiite movement would keep fighting alongside the regime until ISIS were defeated.

Hezbollah first announced it was fighting alongside Assad’s troops in 2013 and has since sent thousands of fighters to battle Syria’s rebels, who are backed by its arch rival Saudi Arabia and a US-led coalition.

Its support has been crucial for keeping the regime in power, but the opposition has insisted the president’s departure must be part of any peace deal agreed at the talks.

A partial ceasefire brought in last month had raised hopes for an end to the violence, which were further fuelled when Russia - a key backer of Assad - announced last week it would withdraw most of its troops from Syria.

But tensions have flared since, with Moscow accusing the US of “unacceptable” delays in agreeing how to punish those who break the ceasefire and warning it could resort to force against violators.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:48 - GMT 06:48