Six suspects on the run as Saudi policeman gunned down in Qatif

Qatif was one of three Saudi cities targeted in coordinated bomb attacks on July 4. (File photo: AFP)

Authorities have launched a manhunt for six suspects for gunning down an on-duty police official in Saudi Arabia’s Qatif region early on Tuesday.

The six men are on the Interior Ministry list of 23 wanted men sought for terror activities.

Five of the suspects gave themselves up to police willingly, while two of those on the list were murdered by another wanted criminal, Ali Abu Abdullah. Ten were arrested in different operations.

The drive-by attack by masked gunmen wounded Corp. Abdulsalam Al-Enizi who died on the way to hospital, provincial police said in a statement.

“The police building and a patrol car were damaged,” said the statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

A security source said the police have identified the six gunmen as Ramzy Al-Jamal, Salman Al-Faraj, Ali Al-Zayid, Fadhil Al-Safwani, Mohammad Al-Zayid and Mohammad Al-Lubad.

“These criminals are known for their insurgent and sabotaging crimes. They blend in among the general public and suddenly draw out their rifle and aim at police officers and security guards. The criminals were able to escape from their last crime,” said the source.

Tuesday’s incident was the fourth fatal shooting of a policeman in Qatif since January.

Parts of the Eastern Province have seen repeated security incidents since 2011.

Eastern Province residents have said clashes with police are also sometimes linked to criminal activity including the drug trade.

Qatif was one of three Saudi cities targeted in coordinated bomb attacks on July 4. A suicide bomber struck near a mosque killing himself and two others.

ISIS extremists have claimed attacks against the security personnel elsewhere in the Kingdom.

This article first appeared in the Saudi Gazette on Aug. 18, 2016.

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