Saudi ‘Abu Sin’ freed after detention for talking with US girl

Arrest of ‘Mr. Toothless’ for his video chats with American Christina Crockett caused controversy throughout Saudi Arabia. (via YouTube)

A 19-year-old Saudi man, named Abu Sin (the toothless one), has been freed on bail after a detention that lasted more than week after posting videos on YouNow program showing him talking to an American girl.

A police spokesman in the Saudi capital Riyadh, lieutenant Fawaz al-Miman, told Al that “Abu Sin was jailed for violating decency and religious values.”

Abu Sin and the Californian girl - Christina Crockett - neither spoke the other’s language (he did not understand English, she Arabic). But this led to some comedic moments for those watching them.

The conversations between Abu Sin and Crockett were first broadcast on YouNow before being relayed on YouTube. They soon grew in popularity on that platform, garnering hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Abu Sin was arrested for his “unethical behavior” and police claimed his videos were “enticing” young audiences and inviting “negative attention” from viewers around the world on Saudi Arabia.

Abu Sin could face a five-year sentence and fine reaching 3 million riyals.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:52 - GMT 06:52