Peshmerga say ISIS offensive blocked in Sinjar, west of Mosul

A Kurdish peshmerga fighter aims to fire during an operation to attack ISIS in the town of Naweran. (Reuters)

US-backed Kurdish fighters blocked an offensive launched by ISIS on Monday in Sinjar, a Yazidi territory west of Mosul, a provincial official in the region said.

The attack was an apparent bid to distract Iraqi forces attacking Mosul, ISIS’s last major city stronghold in Iraq.

ISIS confirmed in an online statement having carried out a suicide attack on a peshmerga position at the western entrance of Sinjar.

“It was the most violent attack on Sinjar since a year ago,” Yazidi provincial chief Mahma Xelil told Reuters.

ISIS committed some of its worst atrocities in Sinjar when it swept through the Yazidi region two years ago, killing men, kidnapping children and enslaving women. Kurdish fighters took back the region a year ago.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:52 - GMT 06:52