Asseri: Houthis seize 34 aid ships since 186 days

A handout picture released by the World Food Programme (WFP) shows a UN aid ship docked in Yemen's port city of Aden on July 21, 2015. (AFP)

Spokesman of the Arab coalition supporting the legitimacy in Yemen Maj. Gen. Ahmed Asseri has confirmed that Houthi militias are seizing 34 ships carrying humanitarian aid since more than 186 days.

“There are no UN humanitarian personnel today at the Al Hudaydah port – which is the largest remaining port under Houthi militia control – who can inspect and supervise distributing the much needed aid and medical supplies,” Asseri said.

Asseri also added that humanitarian aid has been stacking in at Al Hudaydah port for nearly seven months because Houthi militias and forces loyal to the ousted Ali Abdullah Saleh are blocking the distribution of aid which resulted in depriving the residents from taking benefits from it.

UN humanitarian chief Stephen O'Brien has previously said that the absence of UN humanitarian personnel at the Yemeni ports should not be a source of worrisome "as the way implemented by the UN in monitoring the work performance within the port is efficient especially with regards to the way of tracking the commercial ships which reach the port and the UN has the strategies that produce positive results with these ships.

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