Trump to stop funding Syrian Opposition

A Free Syrian Army fighter takes position close to a military base, near Azaz, Syria, Monday, Dec. 10, 2012. (File photo: AP)

President-elect Donald Trump will likely end military support to the Syrian Opposition – a stance that he took during his campaign trail – he said during an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday, claiming that “we [US] have no idea who these people are.”

“I’ve had an opposite view of many people regarding Syria,” Trump told the US based paper. “My attitude was you’re fighting Syria, Syria is fighting ISIS, and you have to get rid of ISIS. Russia is now totally aligned with Syria, and now you have Iran, which is becoming powerful, because of us, is aligned with Syria.”

Trump reiterated his stance by stating that if the US fights the Syrian government, it ends up “fighting Russia.”

Regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Republican President-elect considers it “a war that never ends,” but he hopes to contribute to finding a solution.

“That’s the ultimate deal,” Trump said. “As a deal maker, I’d like to do…the deal that can’t be made. And do it for humanity’s sake.”

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Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:48 - GMT 06:48