Woman loses unborn baby in Aleppo bombing

This image was provided by the staff at the hospital, However, Al Arabiya English cannot verify the authenticity of the image.

A pregnant mother in eastern Aleppo was rushed to the hospital after an airstrike struck the building she lived in, killing her unborn baby.

The woman who was several weeks into her pregnancy  was taken to the hospital with injuries as a result of the attack.

Dr Farida, a doctor who performed an operation on the mother told Al Arabiya English: “The woman came to the hospital with a wound from her thigh to her abdomen penetrating her uterus.

She said that in addition to the heavy bleeding, the woman was also in severe shock.

Doctors removed the mutilated remains of the fetus from the woman’s womb. The woman remains in hospital.

The head of the hospital told Al Arabiya English the woman is now in a stable condition.

He said the operation took about 90 minutes.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:49 - GMT 06:49