Meet Miaad Madaad: Sole woman fighter in an anti-ISIS Iraqi unit

Miaad Madaad, the only female member of the Lions of the Tigris, a group of Sunni Arab fighters and part of PMU poses during a pause in a military operation against ISIS in Shayyalah al-Imam, Iraq November 30, 2016. (Reuters)

Miaad Madaad is the only female member of the “Lions of the Tigris,” a group of Sunni Arab fighters which is part of the Popular Mobilization Committee (PMU) battling ISIS in Shayyalah al-Imam, Iraq.

Shayyalah al-Imam is a village near the ISIS-held city of Mosul.

ISIS militants beheaded Madaad’s father-in-law and brother-in-law.

“The last time [ISIS] they came to my house and threatened me I threw rocks at them and called them dogs,” she told Reuters as she clutched an AK-47 assault rifle and vowed to defeat ISIS.

When she and her husband fled to the relatively stable Kurdish region earlier this year, he was arrested by Kurdish fighters who suspected him of being an ISIS fighter.

(With Reuters)


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