Saudi Arabia condemns deadly Jordan terror attack

Jordanian policemen and an ambulance are seen in the vicinity of Karak Castle in the city of Karak, Jordan, December 18, 2016. (Reuters)

Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz sent a cable of condolences to Jordan’s King Abdullah following the news of the terrorist act on a police station in the city of Karak.

In the cable, reported by the Saudi Press Agency, the Deputy Crown Prince expressed sadness for the news and the resulting casualties, condemned this criminal act and wished the injured speedy recovery.

Gunmen ambushed Jordanian police in a series of attacks Sunday, including at a Crusader castle popular with tourists, killing seven officers, two local civilians and a woman visiting from Canada, officials said.

At least 27 people were wounded in one of the bloodiest attacks in Jordan in recent memory.

The standoff between Jordanian special forces and armed men holed up inside the castle continued after nightfall Sunday, several hours after the first shooting. Government officials declined comment on local news reports that the attackers had taken hostages who were later freed.

Shortly after storming the castle, security forces say they seized suicide belts, weapons and large quantities of explosives in gunmen's hideout.

Prime Minister Hani al Mulki told parliament “a number of security personnel” had been killed and that security forces were laying siege to the castle.

The governor of Karak said that a terrorist group was behind the attack.

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