Houthis sold Yemen to Iran ‘cheaply,’ says Saleh party official

Houthi fighters ride on the back of a patrol truck as they secure a road, as protesters march, denouncing plans by the Arab coalition to attack Hodeidah, April 19, 2017. (Reuters)

Adel al-Shuja, a member of the General People’s Congress which was the party of ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh, accused the Houthis of selling Yemen to Iran for a cheap price.

Shuja said on his Facebook page that the Houthis are linked to Iran as their statements scandalize them, adding that the slogan “death to America” is an Iranian tune.

He also said that the slogan represents a ritual of the Khomeini culture and it has transferred from Tehran to Beirut’s southern suburb and then to Sanaa.

Shuja also said that the practices of Houthi militias are based on a racial and extremist ideology as the Houthis believe that there is no other way for them persist unless they rely on their dogmatism.





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