Yemeni army readies plans to liberate cities under Houthi control

Dust rises from the site of an explosion during clashes between Houthi fighters and pro-government fighters in southwestern city of Taiz, Yemen November 22, 2016. (File photo: Reuters)

Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Maqdashi, Chief of Staff of the Yemeni armed forces, has said that his forces are waiting for a nod from the Yemeni prime minister to carry out new military campaigns in areas controlled by Houthi militias.

In an interview with pan-Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat, Maqdashi said Yemeni armed forces had drawn up plans to free the remaining militia-controlled cities, including the city of al-Hudaydah.

These plans depend on the vigilance of individuals, and the ability of military units to carry out combat actions during the next stage, he said.

Maqdashi added that the rebels are going through a period of disintegration and weakness, and will not endure upcoming battles. “We have seen them flee their positions.”

Plans to liberate the cities of Yemen from coupists ready

Maqdashi said that the army is progressing significantly on all fronts, especially in Taiz and Nahm, imposing a siege on the militias in some areas, while progressing as well on the coastal strip.

He also added that these moves will open the path in the event of a political decision to move quickly towards the city of Hudaydah as soon as possible.

The Yemeni National Army and the resistance forces are fighting fierce battles in Taiz, during which they managed to retake the presidential palace and some important checkpoints that were under the control of the militias.

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