Saleh’s party threatens to withdraw from Houthi government

A picture of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh hangs on a building of the Standing Committee of the General People's Congress, Saleh's party, in Sanaa, December 17, 2013. (File photo: Reuters)

The Yemeni General People’s Congress Party affiliated with ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh threatened to withdraw from the coup government and end its alliance with the Houthi militias if the so-called Revolutionary Committees are not disintegrated, reported Al Arabiya News Channel.

The General Secretariat of the party demanded the implementation of all agreements between the two parties. It stressed the dissolution of the revolutionary committees and their withdrawal from all institutions and the handover of all possessions in their custody.

The Secretariat considered that failure to implement these demands would lead to the cancelation of the conference and its transformation into the opposition, while the Houthi militia over power the revolutionary committees for one party to dominate.

On the ground, the Yemeni National Army took control of the camp of Taiz in the middle of a mass escape of the Houthi and Saleh militias.

This came after the legitimate Yemeni government and the resistance supported by the Arab alliance in Taiz, achieved a breakthrough in their control of important sites east of the city, in addition to large areas around the republic palace.

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