Yemeni deputy PM calls on Saleh followers to end alliance with Houthis

Pro-government troops ride on the back of a military truck as they parade to mark the 55th anniversary of the September 1962 revolution in the war-torn southwestern city of Taiz, Yemen September 26, 2017. (Reuters)

Deputy Prime Minister of Yemen, Mohamed Abdelaziz al-Jabari, said on Tuesday it was time to completely cleanse Taiz from followers of ousted President Saleh and the Houthi militia.

Taiz is undergoing a “military and psychological breakdown,” he added.

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Jabari has continued visiting Taiz – while heading a high-rank government delegation – which has been under siege for days.

As such, he stressed the need to step up efforts to strengthen security and stability means in the city. Life in Taiz must return to how it once was, he added.

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Jabari called on the remaining members from Saleh’s party, whom are allied with the Houthi militia, to “join the law and the republic’s ranks, and ditch their illusions.”

Jabari also called on them to “renew the worn-out leadership which ignored the revolution and the conference’s principles, and allied itself with the disastrous coup against state institutions.”

The deputy prime minister made this statement in reference to Saleh who has led the party since its founding 35 years ago.

Jabari also urged the ousted Saleh members to “end their continued suffering at the hands of the Houthis who have been inflicting on them the worst tortures.”

“The country has a place for all,” he added.

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