Assassination attempt on controversial Syrian director staged

Bayazid staged the assasination attempt according to the leaked videos. (Sup[plied)

A leaked video has revealed that Syrian director, Mohammad Bayazid, who was stabbed in Turkey last month staged his own assassination attempt.

According to five leaked videos, Bayazid, appeared to have been planning and coordinating his alleged “assassination” with another man.

The director claimed on October 10 that someone attacked him and stabbed him in a car while he was with his friend Cinematographer Salama Abdou.

Al Arabiya contacted Abdou at the time said that Bayazid, an award winning film director who’s latest film, ‘The Tunnel’ was about the notorious Palmyra political prison in Syria, was ambushed by a person who claimed to be a Syrian businessman interested in financing his film.

He said that the attacker contacted the Syrian director and asked to meet him at Marmara University in Istanbul’s Üsküdar region where he was lecturing.

المخرج السوري محمد بايزيد في المستشفى

المخرج السوري محمد بايزيد في المستشفى

Abdou told Al Arabiya at the time a man came and approached Mohammad took out a knife and stabbed him in the right side of the chest next to his shoulder.

Abdou now denied any involvement in Bayazid’s scheme; however, there are still suspicions about him as Bayazid said in one of the leaked videos that someone will take his phone “after he is stabbed” to report what happened. This is exactly what happened at the time.

According to one of the leaked videos, Bayazid said: “I will be the most famous person in the Middle East within hours.”

Bayazid’s aim of the plan was to use the publicity to fund his movie.

After he was exposed, Bayazid tried to justify the videos by denying their content and saying they are just a scenario for a film he’s working on.

Syrians took to social media to slam Bayazid. He is being described by some as exploiting the Syrian cause while others called him immoral.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:55 - GMT 06:55