Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to disrupt Egypt-Kuwait relations are known

Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid. (Supplied)

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Friday evening that Egypt highly values its relations with the sisterly state of Kuwait and its people, and that attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood group to disturb relations are quite known.

In response to negative and false news perpetuated by the Muslim brotherhood media to create strife between Egypt and the state of Kuwait and other countries in the Gulf, Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid said that Egypt values the deep ties and profound relations with Kuwait and the neighboring Gulf states.

He asserted that these bonds are proven historically and affirmed through the positions of the two countries and their people who stand in solidarity with each other in the face of different challenges.

Abu Zeid warned of the dangers of falling for the Muslim Brotherhood’s sabotaging attempts to damage Egypt's relations with its Arab brothers stating that the "agendas of their media outlets are well-known," and that hostile countries and entities aiming to harm Egypt are behind such endeavors.

The Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman added that despite the State Department's firm policy not to comment on such suspicious acts, which reflect only the desperation of its perpetrators, Egypt chose to assert the close relationship between the Egyptian and Kuwaiti people and the respect shared for the State of Kuwait in supporting Egypt.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reiterated its position towards the State of Kuwait and the Gulf States which are known for their constant support of Egypt and their respect for the will of its people.

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