Khamenei objects Iran’s joining anti-terror treaty

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks during a meeting with government officials in Tehran. (AP)

Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei announced his objection of Iran’s joining an International treaty put forward by the global Financial Action Task Force “FATF”.

In a speech to members of parliament on Wednesday, Ali Khamenei advised them to prepare their own draft law. The Iranian parliament has failed last month to pass a law based on requirements by the global Financial Action Task Force “FATF” to fight money laundering and financing terror.

"Some of these treaties have useful parts, it's not a problem" Aytollah Ali Khamenei said in a speech to members of parliament, according to a transcript published on his official website.

He said: "The solution for this issue is that the parliament should make up its own law. For example, a law for fighting money laundry. There is no need for us to accept things that we don't know where they will end up" as reported by Reuters.

Iranian hardliners considered “FATF” law a “colonial” treaty and will ban Iran’s continuous support for allied militias under accountability of terrorist organizations.

Whereas the European countries are pressing the Iranian government during talks to join “FATF” which is considered part of the clauses in the Iranian nuclear deal, which Iran has failed to implement.

The hardliners in the Iranian regime consider the treaty as against the Islamic revolution and its ideology and system, and that by signing this treaty, it will jeopardize Iran’s connections with extremists groups which it supports financially, logistically and military, and which makes it possible to hold Iran responsible for supporting these groups, which will be soon declared as international terrorist groups, like Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Houthi militias in Yemen, other factions of the Iraqi popular mobilization units and others.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:51 - GMT 06:51