Turkish company linked to $21.2 mln offer to build new US embassy in Jerusalem

A new road sign indicating the way to the new US embassy in Jerusalem is seen on May 7, 2018. (AFP)

The United States has reportedly accepted an offer from an American company with connections to a Turkish constructions firm to build the new embassy of Jerusalem.

The offer came from Desbuild Limak Firm that is linked with its partner company, Limak Holding which is a Turkish contracting giant.

Limak Holding has been working on joint projects with Desbuild Limak over the past five years and has contracted several projects from the US State department, including building American embassies in Arab cities like Baghdad and Beirut.

The price agreed on to build and design the embassy was valued at $21.2 million which will be located in Jerusalem’s Arnona neighborhood. This is excluding the $335,000 to get equipment and manpower to build the temporary embassy facilities as an expansion from the current consulate, according to Al-Monitor website.

Although Turkey was the first Muslim country to acknowledge Israel as a state, their current relationship has been unstable since Trump declared his administration was moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem after recognizing the city as Israel’s capital.

Turkey cut all its diplomatic ties with Israel as a result.

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