Car bomb blast kills two police in Iraq’s Tikrit

A car bomb killed at least two police officers and injured five civilians in the Iraqi city of Tikrit on Tuesday, a hospital source said.

The blast - described by the military as an extremist attack - went off at a checkpoint at the northern entrance to Tikrit, 150 km (95 miles) north of Baghdad.

Al Arabiya’s correspondent reported earlier that a strong explosion was heard near the northern entrance to the Iraqi city of Tikrit.

In the past, similar incidents of explosions have been rare in Tikrit, about 100 miles north of Baghdad, since the ISIS extremist group was defeated in Iraq in 2017.

ISIS militants have switched from controlling territory to insurgency tactics such as bombings and attacks on security forces since their military defeat.

(With Reuters)

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:54 - GMT 06:54