Egyptian forces kill 47 militants, lose five soldiers

Egyptian Army’s Armored Vehicles are seen on a highway to North Sinai during a launch of a major assault against militants. (File photo: Reuters)

Egyptian security forces have killed 47 extremist militants in operations in the Sinai peninsula recently, the military said on Thursday.

Five military personnel were also killed, the armed forces said, without specifying where those deaths took place.

The figures covered the “last period,” the military said in a video, without specifying dates or locations of operations.

It did not give the identity of the militants or their affiliation.

The military said it had found 385 explosive devices and had carried out controlled explosions, but did not specify the locations.

The armed forces say hundreds of militants have been killed since it launched a large campaign in February 2018 aimed at defeating ISIS extremist group or related extremist groups in the Sinai peninsula.

Last Update: 12:58 KSA 15:58 - GMT 12:58