Israeli PM convenes cabinet in West Bank ahead of election

The Israeli Prime Minister will convene his final pre-election cabinet meeting in the West Bank. (File photo: AFP)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is convening his final pre-election Cabinet meeting in a part of the West Bank he's vowed to annex if re-elected.

His government is meeting Sunday at the Jordan Valley regional council rather than in Jerusalem. National elections are on Tuesday.

Netanyahu has promised to extend Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and to annex Jewish settlements. The move sparked a cascade of international condemnations. Critics say it could inflame the Middle East and eliminate any remaining Palestinian hope of establishing a state.

In Israel, it was widely viewed as Netanyahu's latest campaign stunt to draw right-wing voters.

He's also alleged fraud in Arab voting areas, claimed to have located a previously unknown Iranian nuclear weapons facility and said another war in Gaza is probably inevitable.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 10:00 - GMT 07:00