Lebanese protesters back on Ring Bridge for second night in a row

Lebanese demonstrators have blocked a main road in central Beirut known as the Ring Bridge for the second night in a row on Wednesday, with many protesters saying they are against the formation of the next government.

The ongoing protests on Ring Bridge come as Sunni businessman Samir Khatib emerged as the frontrunner to be nominated Lebanon's next prime minister when consultations with lawmakers to nominate a premier are held on Monday, political sources said.

“We are against his [Kathib’s] appointment because he is being named by the same political elite who have ignored the ambitions of the Lebanese people for years now. We need a prime minister is for and with the people otherwise we will see more of the same,” one protester told Al Arabiya.

On Tuesday night, clashes between anti-riot police and protesters erupted on the flashpoint road which connects east and west Beirut. Videos captured by Al Arabiya documented police using both physical force and tear gas to disperse protesters who had gathered in the area and attempted to block traffic.

Mass protests, which kicked off on October 17 initially over a proposed tax on WhatsApp calls, have brought the country to a standstill and its economy has continued to slide towards the abyss in recent weeks.

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