Coronavirus: Kuwait warns of ‘countrywide curfew’ if health instructions ignored

Expatriates returning from Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon arrive to be re-tested at a Kuwaiti health ministry containment and screening zone for the coronavirus in Kuwait City on March 16, 2020. (AP)

Kuwait’s government said on Monday it will not hesitate to take more drastic measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and that a countrywide curfew is on the table if the public fails to abide by the Ministry of Health’s instructions.

“The option to impose countrywide curfew or extradite some lawless expatriate workers remains to be a final resort in case the health instructions are not heeded,” said Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh in a statement to Kuwait TV.

Kuwait largely locked down the country over the weekend and has suspended all international flights. Visiting restaurants, cafes, or gyms is also banned, while businesses and organizations providing essential goods and services remain open.

Last week Al-Saleh said people who did not comply with the quarantine measures will be held legally accountable.

Kuwait Health Ministry Spokesman Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said on Tuesday that any easing up on coronavirus countermeasures would spell “danger” for the country.

Seven new coronavirus cases were reported in the country on Tuesday, all Kuwaiti national who had visited Britain, bringing the total number of confirmed infections in the country to 130. No deaths have been reported.


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