Syrian tycoon Rami Makhlouf releases video, says cousin Assad arresting his employees

Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf, who is a cousin of President Bashar al-Assad, released a video on Sunday in which he said that Syrian security forces have been arresting his employees despite his previous financial support for the state.

Makhlouf, who is one of Syrian’s most powerful businessmen, released a bombshell video on Saturday which gave a rare glimpse into the rifts in the regime’s inner circle. This second video, released via the same new Facebook channel a day later, provided further evidence of tensions within al-Assad’s inner circle – and criticized the regime’s famous intelligence services.

“Who would have thought that these security agencies would come to Rami Makhlouf’s companies and arrest our workers when I was the largest supporter of these agencies,” he said in the video.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 10:02 - GMT 07:02